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ONTX – a biotech play for risky bets

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Some Pure Speculation

ONTX(Onconova Therapeutics) a biotech company, hard-beaten by the markets the previous years show some signs of life and may be close to a strong reversal. Now(closing of 1/3/2020) at a price of 0.49 USD with a tiny market cap of 49 mil USD & having lost almost 90% of its cap in 2019 is another full of promises went bad biotech story. But our quantamental model for Biotech stocks has raised a flag pointing that there is a great chance for a possible reversal back to 1-3 USD share price, within the next 3-6 months. That’s a 100%-500% possible gain , but the risks are very big and the asset’s high volatility make it a choice suited more for the wild west type of traders.