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What we Offer

State of the art tools for the individual trader , combining technical analysis indicators with machine learning tools & successful trading practices,  which give a significant edge towards achieving trading targets. Our tools can be installed & run on the MT4 platform & take full advantage of the availability of various asset data, timeframes, signals & various indicators & their realtime backtesting.

Our  team  consists of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Finance &  Finance with more than 25 years trading experience each, having worked in Hedge Funds, big brokers, research institutes & academia.

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Comprehend the markets trends. One single grid shows results of the most powerful indicators on 5 timeframes!

Build and backtest your own strategy based on most powerful indicators. Easy, Fast, Reliable!

The most popular candlestick patterns now work for you. Backtest each pattern easily! Find out the most profitable recent patterns.

Have a full control on your account. Measure the risk, apply risk management and apply the suggested Stop Loss based on our innovative methods.

Get the strength of the 8 more popular currencies in multiple timeframes. Explore the strong and the weak currencies and apply powerful strategies.

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FX 24

trading signals for the FX market

We produce trading signals for a number of FX pairs based on our Machine Learning / AI
predictions algorithms.

Probability : 61%
Prediction : Below 141.508
Result : Successful
Date: 15-08-2018 Status: Closed
Probability : 63%
Prediction : Above 1.3060
Result : Unsuccessful
Date: 20-08-2018 Status: Closed
Probability : 65%
Prediction : Below 0.99393
Result : Successful
Date: 15-08-2018 Status: Closed
Probability : 63%
Prediction : Below 1.14049
Result : Successful
Date: 21-08-2018 Status: Closed
Probability : 62%
Prediction : Below 0.99085
Result : Successful
Date: 20-08-2018 Status: Closed
Probability : 65%
Prediction : Above 0.98438
Result : Unsuccessful
Date: 22-08-2018 Status: Closed
Probability : 58%
Prediction : Above 0.66194
Result : Successful
Date: 20-08-2018 Status: Closed
Probability : 58%
Prediction : Above 128.019
Result : Successful
Date: 22-08-2018 Status: Closed

Our signals are generated many times a day (depending on the FX-pair) and delivered to subscribers via email (e.g. EUR_JPY-above-130.937-prob-67%)
Each email contains the following information:
The FX pair for which the signal was generated (e.g. EURJPY)
The threshold value and action (e.g. above 130.937)
The likelihood of the prediction (e.g. 67%)
Each signal ‘expires’ 24 hours later when it is characterized as successful or unsuccessful.
Signals are generated for the 11 major FX pairs (EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, EURCHF, GBPJPY, NZDUSD, USDCAD, EURGBP) .
The subscribers of this service are free to use their own strategies to trade the signals provided. However, a-Quant provides an extensive suite of strategies for those who wish to trade the signals using our specialized tools

The results of our strategy for the last two years


trading signals for the cryptocurrency market

Machine Learning based signals for seven major cryptocurrencies.


Crypton signals is an innovative product that encloses all the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Signals are delivered to client via a very simply formatted email that contains the BUY and the CLOSE price for 7 major Cryptocurrencies
Every day client receives a table of signals with all 7 Cryptocurrencies. Each Cryptocurrency has a BUY price and a CLOSE price.
We buy when the crypto price hits the BUY price & set a stop loss at the CLOSE price. If we already have an open position , we set a new stop loss at the CLOSE price & forget the new BUY price(we do not add up to the position).

Last Year Performance

Why Choose Us?

The Team

A team with many years of trading experience in international markets


Our scripts incorporate thousand lines of efficient MQL4 code, giving a non-replicable edge to traders

Customer Support

We are traders on our own & we know how to listen & help our customers

Professional Services

We offer customized automated trading modules development services for clients like brokers, funds, corporations & high net-worth individuals for the MT4.

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